On Zeekoepan
Day Trips

Activities on Zeekoepan

Activities based on Zeekoepan offers you the opportunity to experience the abundant wildlife, relax and become one with nature. Relax and get to know yourself again, away from the stress of daily life, in a tranquil environment, or bring your active gear and explore the Forest or Indian Ocean 


We often go for bush picnics on a remote part of the property. Taking you to see breath taking views while enjoying true South African "Braai", will be one of the highlights of your trip. If you like fishing, cast a line in the Mkuze river while resting in the shades of the big fig trees, protecting the riverbed from the sun.

Bush Picnics

Daytrips just a leopard's leap from Zeekoepan

Daytrips, leaving from, and returning to Zeekoepan, is an adventurous extra to your Safari. All of these destinations, are within a 2h drive and is just close enough to return to your own bed at night. Walk the shores of the Indian Ocean, Scuba dive in the best diving spot in South Africa, Walk the African Death March trough the Ntendeka Forest or have the privilege to touch the African Elephant 


 Meet Rambo and is family, a privilege and  memory that will last you a lifetime. Let these African Elephants eat from your hand and let Rambo show your his secret second nose. These giants will remind you of your vulnerability and the majesty of Africa.

Elephant encounter

Tours, exploring our beautiful South Africa

Depart on tour after your Safari at Zeekoepan, or start your adventure by exploring our country before meeting the pride lands of Zeekoepan. Visit Zulu villages, lay in the sun like a hippo, cruise the river into the sunset, or get another stamp on your passport and visit the beautiful beaches in Mozambique.


Experience the touch of an African Elephant and learn about the intriguing Zulu culture.  Soon words like "Yebo", "Sawubona" and "Labola" will be part of your vocabulary.

Visit the 1st Wildlife Heritage site ever proclaimed in the world and walk the warm waters of the Indian Ocean while collecting seashells from the sea shore.

Get on board an estuary boat cruise to celebrate the perfect day.  See the hippos yawn after a lazy day in the water and crocodiles appearing and disappearing in the muddled waters.

 Shop at local street markets and take home the memories of Africa.

Tour the diverse elephant coast

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